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The Roman goddess of freedom, Libertas, as depicted on Recruiting Poster
Courtesy:  Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation

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Come at once, and come cheerfully, for I want no man in my command who has to be sent to his duty by a provost-marshal.  The work before us will be arduous, and will require brave hearts and willing hands.  Let no man falter or delay, for no time is to be lost.  Everyone must bring his horse and gun who can.  We ask only to meet the hireling legions of Lincoln. 

The eyes of your brethren of the South are upon you.  Your gallant fellow citizens are flocking to our standard.  Then, greet them with the willing hands of fifty-thousand of Kentucky’s brave.  

Strike for the Green Graves of Your Sires!

Strike for Your Altars and Your Fires!

God, and Your Native Land.




The Lexington Rifles Company A, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry is a family-oriented group of unreconstructed Confederate re-enactors who portray John Hunt Morgan's cavalry skirmishers during the War for Southern Independence, drawing its members from... 

   Illinois     Indiana     Iowa     Wisconsin   

This organization participates in monthly re-enactment events, and all who may be interested in joining the Midwest's most elite Confederate cavalry company are invited to contact us.  Since the Company portrays cavalry skirmishers who fought while dismounted, horse ownership is not necessary for enlistment.  

Membership is open to all eligible persons who fulfill the requirements and subscribe to the tenets of this organization, which may be referenced in the By-Laws and Special Orders that are published on this website.  Induction as a member is contingent upon acceptance vote by the Company. 

The government has authorized payment of Two Hundred Fifty Confederate States Dollars as an enlistment bounty to any qualified recruit, and an additional $400 CSD for any horse or mule in fair condition.  All recruits are expected to furnish their own arms and equipment, for which they will receive $13 CSD monthly pay. 

join us and let “Butler!”  be your battle-cry !

    important  notice !   
All applications for enlistment will be considered, but close examination for

sobriety, mental infirmity  &  moral turpitude

will be given to anyone north of the Ohio River.


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