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"This story shall the good man teach his son;  ...
From this day to the ending of the world,

but we in it shall be remember'd;
We few, we happy few, we Band of Brothers;
For he today that sheds his blood with me,

shall be my brother;  ...".
King Henry V on St. Crispin's Day, before the Battle of Agincourt, 1415
from Henry V (Act IV, Scene III)  by William Shakespeare, 1599





     Pvt. Geo. Hawkins                    Camp Douglas Prisoners                   Pvt. Geo. W. Bowman
  Co. H, 2nd KY Cavalry                                                                                                      Co. D, 2nd KY Cavalry


On October 27, 1861, the Lexington Rifles, with 84 men reporting for duty, was mustered into Confederate States’ service on the steps of the Green River Baptist Church in Woodsonville, Kentucky.  The oath of enlistment was administered by Major William Preston Johnston, who was both the son of General Albert Sidney Johnston and the nephew of General William Preston.  Elections to determine the Company's officers were held thereafter.  

While stationed along the Confederate defensive line paralleling the Green River, the Lexington Rifles became known as "Morgan's Company".  They were later designated as Company A when two other cavalry companies joined with them to form a Squadron, with John Morgan as its commander.  

The following is a list of the men who were sworn into service on October 27th.  This list was found with Colonel Hal Engerud’s personal papers at the Hart County Historical Museum in Munfordville.  While all sources state that a total of 84 men took the oath, this record contains only 76.


Morgan's Cavalry Company
Mustered:  October 27, 1861
CAPT John H. Morgan

1 LT Basil Wilson Duke 2 LT James West Bvt 2 LT Van Buren Sellers
1 SGT Samuel F. McKee 2 SGT J. A. Edgar 3 SGT W. R. Jones
4 SGT William Morris 5 SGT Thomas F. Berry SGT Patrick Gardner
CPL Thomas Logwood CPL William Gibbons
PVT Peter B. Adams PVT Benjamin Drake PVT Joseph Norvell
PVT James P. Allen PVT W. W. Early PVT Thomas Quirk
PVT J. R. Arnett PVT Henry Elder PVT Charles Riddle
PVT J. C. Ashford PVT George W. Farmer PVT B. B. Robards
PVT Clayton C. Aubrey PVT Walter Ferguson PVT Bowlin Roberts
PVT Thomas Ballard PVT Richard Gibbons PVT Greenberry Roberts
PVT James E. Bell PVT R. P. Gorham PVT Samuel Scott
PVT James Bentley PVT John H. Green PVT J. H. Sellers
PVT Thomas Berry PVT E. O. Hawkins PVT H. Clay Shelby
PVT Benjamin Biggstaff PVT Xenophon Hawkins PVT Jefferson W. Sisson
PVT A. Z. Boyer PVT Henry Hukill PVT John Sisson
PVT George W. Brown PVT Thomas Howe PVT James A. Smith
PVT William Henry Burks PVT George Hayden PVT William E. Spencer
PVT Charles Byrnes PVT M. C. Johnson PVT John Travis
PVT John Calvin PVT D. H. Llewellyn PVT Robert H. Tyler
PVT George Cantrell PVT Edward Loney  PVT A. J. Wilson
PVT James T. Carpenter PVT John Lord PVT J. W. Wilson
PVT George E. Cassell PVT Robert Lowery PVT James W. West
PVT Lewis Cook PVT Winder Monroe PVT Henry White
PVT Milton Craig PVT Samuel D. Morgan PVT Pleasant Whitlow
PVT W. H. Craig PVT Thomas Hunt Morgan PVT Ambrose Young
PVT Jesse Davis  



Morgan's Officers while imprisoned at Johnson's Island, Sandusky Bay, Ohio, 1864
Former Lexington Rifles --  Lt. A. Z. Boyer, seated on far left, and Col. Basil Duke, standing second from right



      Capt. Wm. Curry              Morgan's Men at Niagara Falls, N.Y. July 7, 1864            Lt. Philip B. Jones
Co. A, 8th KY Cavalry                            Agents for the Confederate Secret Service                         Co. B, 10th KY Cavalry